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Confirmation, 8th grade, youth

Friendship With Christ
  1. The Power of Silence
    This talk does not just speak about silence, but I actually take you and your group through a period of silence. Silence can be uncomfortable for most, it may seem unattainable for many, but deep down we are all longing for it. 

  2. Social Media and Identity 
    This talk is compiled of drawing distinctions between what the world is asking of us versus what God is ultimately calling us to. I break down the lies that social media brings into our lives, hearts, and minds, and help provide practicals to help us break free of the hold social media has over us. 

  3. Friendship with Christ
    Who is Jesus? If we don’t know him then how will a relationship be formed with him? Let’s get back to the basics on understanding who Jesus is and from there seeing him as a friend.



Women's groups, Young Adult, RCIA

  1. Remaining Faithful to Our Prayer
    This talk explains how prayer cannot be based solely off of emotion. Prayer is the catalyst which draws us deeper to Christ and transforms us inwardly and outwardly. Learn practicals on how to remain consistent in prayer even when it is hard. 

  2. Owning Your Faith 
    Need a talk to instill a greater passion and love for the faith? This is the talk for you! I walk through how to own, defend, and live the faith joyfull! This talk walks through my experiences of having to defend the faith and the times of difficulty. At the end of this talk, you will walk away with new ways to own your faith!

  3. How to help family members esp. teens and young adults stay connected to their faith.
    We all have a responsibility to pass down the faith especially to our family members. Let’s look at the reasons that hold us back from outwardly discussing our faith and let’s lean into our mission to evangelize. 

  4. Rejecting Lukewarmness
    It can be hard to remain true to ourselves and our faith when we don’t have the proper community surrounding us and holding us accountable. This talk encompasses the reality of high school and college years and the quick slippery slope many, myself included, can fall into. Let’s change our lukewarm hearts to hearts ablaze for the Lord. 

  5. Ditching Jean Skirts and Turtlenecks
    Is modesty really only compiled of jean skirts and turtlenecks? Hear my modesty journey and ways that I can enlighten young women to understand what true modesty is and to be inspired to live authentically and fashionably for Christ!

  6. When Life Doesn’t Make Sense
    Do you find yourself calling out to God or perhaps yelling at Him about the way your life or the lives around you are negatively being impacted? This talk will dive deep into the Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love and remind you that God is a loving Father.


Parish Mission Talks

One time, series, multiple days

3 Day Advent Retreat for Families 
  1. Mary, Our Mother
    ​​​There are so many traits about Our Lady that we are called to mirror but this talk focuses on her obedience, submission, and her motherhood. Leave feeling more equipped in your womanhood and your motherhood. 

  2. Joseph, Our Father 
    Joseph had such an important role here on earth, and fathers today do as well! Let’s look at Joseph’s role as father, his strength, and how he lived out his mission. Let’s reclaim healthy masculinity and be good fathers!

  3. The Child Jesus
    Jesus teaches us a lot of what obedience to his father looked like, listening to his parents, and learning traits from St. Joseph. No matter what age you are, we are all children to someone and are called to live in this role well.

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