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Monét Souza

Monét Souza has always had a strong passion for seeking out the Truth and drawing others to it. Since high school, Monét has had a strong desire to be in the public square evangelizing and getting as many people to encounter Our Lord Jesus Christ. Since college, Monét has been speaking to the youth at retreats, founding her ministry, and since then allowing the Lord to open doors for her including voice over acting and becoming a TV host.


Speaking   |   Retreats   |   Missions   |   Host   |   Voice Actor

"We've had Monét come and speak twice at our parish and we would highly encourage others to hire her!"

"Our youth loved the activities Monét had planned for our retreat today! She really knows how to hold the young ones attention!"

"Wow! Monét Souza really knew how to hit home with our teens for our youth rally this weekend. I highly recommend!"

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